The Inconsistent Jukebox is the brainchild of Yorkshire musician / songwriter Barry Snaith. Together with an array of global talent from many creative genres, he crafts music, surrealist human art, motion graphics, dance and video, in a way like no other, which is guaranteed to blow your mind.

“Bold Ego Fledgling” is the first single from The Inconsistent Jukebox and features Ang Kerfoot on vocals. Paul Kerr, BBC 6Music selector says of “Bold Ego Fledgling” “It’s a stunning slab of gritty, grimy industrial electro reminiscent of the KLF at their idiosyncratic best. From the distorted, glitch guitars to the impassive rapped vocals, it’s impossible to slot it into one of those neat little genre boxes”.

“Bold Ego Fledgling” is out now! Check it out below on your preferred choice platform: